New Jersey Siding Contractor

Choice of siding is another important decision process that needs to be made carefully. It is a major part of the visual appeal and protective properties of your New Jersey home. If chosen and installed properly, siding can provide much needed protection against weather, molds, water, and any other external threats to the inside of your home.

Wood Siding Vs. Vinyl Siding

There are many different types of siding materials used, each with their own benefits to the homes that use them. For example, both vinyl siding and wood siding require little to no maintenance for the near entirety of your home’s lifetime. If properly modified when initially installed. Vinyl siding, however, holds no appeal to termites and other wood-damaging pests and pathogens. Vinyl is therefore known to be much more durable than wood siding. But should repairs or replacement be necessary, vinyl siding is more difficult to replace or modify. Additionally, wood siding provides a rustic look that many home owners or seekers find aesthetically appealing in a way that stands alone from vinyl siding.

Liberty Siding Installation and Repair Experience

There are also many other types of wood and vinyl siding, that go further to distinguish themselves from other types. Liberty Home Improvements specializes in the installation and repair of all types of siding, from your basic vinyl siding to specially engineered brands of vinyl siding, as well as real wood siding, the more traditional shake siding, and more. While all types have pros and cons that can be identified, it is important to note that our New Jersey contractors are well aware of these potential setbacks, and will make necessary improvements to your siding in order to minimize the flaws of whatever siding type you may choose. Most importantly, you will get exactly what you choose from our selections, and at a price that competes with other home remodeling contractors in New Jersey.

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